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DISSECTION Tm was born at the beginning of spring 1986, whereas the guitarist Serge Guay (ZAP) gave his resignation of group OUTBREAK, for divergence of opinions and style. It then started to recruit the best candidates according to him to form his single style of Speed and of thrash melody and aggressive to raise of one can of Death Metal. In short it recruited the Bass player of the group attarexis MARK BOUFFARD (ONE-WAY) recognized for its style particularly theatrical, visual and its progressive influence At the end of the summer 1986 David Fleet “DAVE” percussionnist well in sight in Quebec joined the group for I to bring his aspect plus Trash. WITH semi autumn “ZAP” ends up convincing Alain Amyot “HEAVEY” to return in the rows of GENOCIDE and to leave group OUTBREAK. What it did with enchantment because to work within this group justified it of advantage to stagnate within her old group… Trouver one or a singer was more difficult bus “ONE-WAY” chose a female-intonated voice and “ZAP” for a male-intonated voice. After many hearing of singers their sarrètes choices on Floriant Boutin “TRASH” then 17 years old. That Ci had a style well with him, a good Look and composed these clean lyric. It even interpreted with wonder the gasoline as wanted to project the Style of GENOCIDE/DISSECTION… An aggressive fast music, the lyric ones left parallel worlds and a glaucous voice, with trunk and a charismatic singer. Genocide was thus officially to weld for the posterity!Dissection thus undertook to build a first demonstration which was to finish to record at the beginning of the winter 1986 “Chainsaw Slaughter” the group undertook also a round of room of spectacles and bars to ensure promotion and to make known the group… a round which was a great success because, with the return, the group started spring 1987 to build a second demonstration “Black List” at the request of the house of disc Diabolic Forces “Fringe products” of Toronto. That Ci wanted to know if DISSECTION GENOCIDE Inc. could measure themselves with competition and support more than one album. The members of the Groups went then to Toronto to the summer 1987 to record there the their first album “Final Genocide” the first also in the style Speed, Death &Trash for a group of the town of Quebec. DISSECTION thus had created a precedent and thus had just opened the door with good of others after them! The album was sold with nearly fifty thousand specimens (50 000) of 1988 to 1992 In 1992 DISSECTION recorded off “Garden Stone” a style a little more rates/rhythms and less aggressive than the first. That was sold with only five thousand specimens (5 000) After the departure of Bouffard Mark have (ONE-WAY) for reasons of health, the group found its breath never again and when that if after six months of absence the formation returned exhausted little by little .puis a morning of 1996 the members of DISSECTION separated by mutual agreement. Not being able to meet their obligations towards the house of disc “FRINGE” Their contract fur to fall through and cancel thus connecting the music of DISSECTION I until January 2008 (date on which the contract were to expire of with FRINGE PRODUCT)! The rights were thus to repurchase by ONE-WAY ENTERTAINMENT which recorded all the musical parts, the lyric ones and the concept of the group under a protection of Mark of trade as well as a COPYRIGHT…