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His presence is positive and his vibe is kool, he’s Canadian and he goes by the name of DJ Novy. Since he was a child, DJ Novy loves music. In his younger days at the age of 16 he started spinning at his high school for the lunch hour… At the age of 18 he played his first gig in Montreal, since there he never stops spinning. After all the years on decks, the style of DJ Novy carved out for Techno/House and top 40… Over the years he’s played at several kinds of places: Rock bars, Rhythm & Blues bars and private parties in Montreal and Quebec City. In 2007 he release his first album called Saloon, this album is only available on the internet and includes 14 originals compositions from DJ Novy, he’s now working in his second album. He is quoted saying "working hard is the only way for success…"